Monday, 1 July 2013

Pics : Sourav Ganguly Back in DADAGIRI Unlimited Season 4 - Promotional Posters

Dada's Back!

From beating the boot-clad Britishers barefooted, to the uninhibited shirtless celebration in the Mecca of cricket – Bengal's 'Dadagiri' is there for decades!

To trigger this latent aggression amongst the Bengalis, Zee Bangla came up with the platform 'Dadagiri' for the first time in 2009 – a clutter-breaking game show where mind and intelligence are the key ingredients for success. Needless to say, the show was an instant rage!

This popular show will be back again on Zee Bangla, with 'Dada of all Dada's' Sourav comeback Ganguly at the helm like he was in the first season, hurling back to back bouncers, yorkers, googlies at the participants. 

The presence of Maharaj, exciting twists and new surprises in the various rounds – Dadagiri Unlimited promises entertainment, engagement and recognition like never before!

Are you ready? 

Exclusive Pics :

Dada's PhotoShoot:

Posters All Over Kolkata:

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