Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Interview : Sourav Ganguly opens up on Life Beyond Cricket

Sourav Ganguly's Exclusive INTERVIEW to Gautam Bhattacharya Published in Today's ABP. Dada opens up on Hosting DADAGIRI yet again this season,His Dad,Fans,Role in IPL & Much More.

Q.whats the feeling like to return as a host again for Dadagiri?

A: I just wish that we could do the show in a manner that would be
different and with variety but certainly should entertain the viewers.

Q.How has Dadagiri's experience been for you in life?

A: Its certainly a pleasant surprise for me that a show hosted by me
has gained such popularity. There were lot of happy memories from the

Q.What is more difficult? IPL or hosting a tv show?

A.Offcourse Ipl, as a batsman one mistake is all you need to get out,
where as here there are retakes.

Q.That you have been already a host in a tv show,does it anyway help
in being such a flawless commentator??

A.No way,in commentary you need to know the game and also are required
to be articulate enough to make viewers understand your thoughts.

 Q.Dont you think again you have to deal with the pressure of
expectation on your return to this show?

A. Throughout my life I had dealt with this pressure of expectation, I
have become accustomed to it.

Q.How do you deal with it?

A.You need to concentrate and do your own work not to get bothered by
your surroundings.

Q...but the moment the 'Dadagiri' theme is played on tv you seem to
enter in the bengali drawing rooms as their loved prince.. see the life that I have led as a cricketer was always on the
edge, one shot could make or break your career so from that to meet
with different types of people and the love that I encountered is
always a pleasant experience for me.

Q.Amitabh bachchan always emphasized on knowing about common man on
KBC,dont you feel the same way?

A.Oh yes i do. I am fascinated everytime I see the faces of the
participants on the show, probably they had not been on tv anytime,
had never won any sort of prize but today here they are to participate
in hopes of winning something. I try to help them in every possible
way to achieve their dream, and when they do I am very happy.

Q.You have invited Shahrukh in your show, what about Dhoni ?

A.Why not..offcourse.

Q.Last year during this time around 5th may whole Eden was rocking,
but today You are being asked only about Dadagiri. How do you feel ?

A. Life as a cricketer has to stop someday.

Q.So in this years IPL you are not involved in any way?

A.No, I may return in a different capacity next year.

Q.So is this a Commercial break for you? can say it.

Q.How your life has changed after you lost your father ? can say the umbrella is no more, I knew that whenever I would
return home my father would be there, but no more.

Q. Your popularity is ever increasing, wherever you go chants of Dada
Dada take the shape of deafening noise, you have become somewhat a
rebel in Indian cricket?

A. Well there will be people who like you n there will also be people
who hate you, every cricketer has it. It goes like that.

Q.but though you always have the public in your side you have tiffs
with some powerful men may it be IPL owner, Foreign coach or any board

A.What Can I say. I have nothing to do with any of it.

Q.Are they afraid of you? Do they feel insecure by thinking you are
powerful than them?

A.I dont know. I am not powerful and also I dont act in any such manner

Q.So why is this image of you has been touted? Dont you think it has
done harm to you?

A. Yes somehow it has been harmful, but I cannot control these things
so I would lead my life like the way I have.


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