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Sourav Ganguly Sweating it out for yet another Comeback - This time for DADAGIRI Season 4

17 years ago, on a June afternoon, he made a comeback at Lord's  scoring a century. Again in 2006, after chappell saga, he made another one in johannesburg, scoring a magnificent 51.This time, his comeback will be on 26th of August, 2013. Just 2 weeks more, and he will be back with his show Dadagiri season 4. People closer to him say that, like how he would turn into a completely different person during comeback in his playing days,he is doing the same for his comeback to Dadagiri. Last saturday, Dadagiri's director, Subhankar Chatterjee said, "I just can't believe about the level of commitment Dada is showing now. He has started working out too. Few days ago, he was telling me, "earlier i used to work out during matches, now i'm doing it for the show".

Exclusive Pic from Sourav Ganguly's Photoshoot for DADAGIRI Season 4:

The level of motivation during his cricket career is normally quite strong. But how is he able to motivate himself so strongly for just a TV show? on asking this question to the director, he says "why can't he motivate himself ?Today Dada has become an international Television celebrity and a famous cricket commentator. Dada was a bit uncomfortable during the first two seasons, but now, he his really on a mood to step-out. He has tasted the highest level of television anchoring. His prime objective now is to how to make this show even more popular.

What is the 'mantra' behind Sourav being a so much successful anchor?   Siddhartha Basu who happens to head almost all popular reality shows in national television who is also referred to as GOD by amitabh bachchan and SRK usually gives a 5 minute briefing to the anchors of the shows which are produced by him. 

Mr Basu says, Sourav has really done marvels as an anchor.when we see such a famous personality as an anchor, see sourav's life. he had lot of struggle as a cricketer which made sourav such a popular and a strong character. Any anchor needs such love from the audience. If that happens, you win half of the match. and there is no doubt, about the love people have for sourav.

Boman Irani has never watched Dadagiri, not even on youtube. But he has read about sourav's popularity as an anchor sitting in mumbai. "Sourav is a legend. I'm one of his greatest fan's since his playing days. Earlier i was a fan of cricketer sourav and now Commentator Sourav but i want to take a first-hand experience of him as a reality show anchor", says Boman. He says "For me Sourav is a cricketer first. If i ever get a chance to meet him in Dadagiri, i would want him to tell stories of his cricketing days. Those stories, which we have never read in newspapers. I would ask him had steve waugh ever wished him 'GOOD MORNING' during the 2001 series, after he reached late for the toss? He is an inspiration for many, and thats why he is so popular"

"All the rounds are very popular among the audience and that's why we are not bringing any change to this. Show starts from 26th aug, every monday to  wednesday, 9:30 pm. Dada will start shooting for the show from 18th aug" says, excecutive vice-president of Zee Bangla Sujay Kutty.

For the first time, Dada has agreed to stage a on-ground promotion for the show. "On 25th of August, sunday, the day before Dadagiri starts, Dada will play a 'mock dadagiri' for public at south city mall from 4:00pm onwards" says kutty

Anchor of another popular show "Didi no1", Rachna Banerjee, sites another reason for Dada's popularity. she says, "we do artificial anchoring. we feel pain in our stomach after whole day of continous anchoring. Sourav is different here. He hosts the show very well. it comes out naturally for him. he is very very good".

Siddharth Basu says, sourav popularity in the show is beacuse of his glorious cricket career. This is the reason for his success. "Why we consider sourav as a great captain? Its because of his quickness in thinking on his feat. he used to keep his head clear in any sudden tough situations. This is main mantra for the success in anchoring. Anything can happen in live television. Audience can ask you personal questions, can say some joke to you. if you can tackle this situation well you will be a successful anchor. Sourav did this in his captaincy, so its abvious will do the same in achoring as well. cover drive at lord's as well as in tv screen" says Basu

So stage is set for a comeback. Lots of commitment has been seen from him. Dada has made himself more prepared than previous two seasons. This season is bound to be successful.

Published in ABP Ananda Plus - Dated August 12, 2013 
Translated by : Shrayan Sen
Edited By: Arun Raghavan

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